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Moving to Montana! but first, Idaho barnyard getaways, hot springs, and waterfalls.

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

This August marks one year that I left Las Vegas. As the strip and the country shut down because of covid. Many Nevadans were out of jobs and were scrambling for normalcy.

As was I, which is why I decided to take a job in Baker Montana with absolutely no idea of what I was getting myself into.

I grabbed one of my best girlfriends and off we went on a west coast road trip.

The goal was to make it to the gorgeous state of Montana as soon as possible. In typical Libra fashion, I had to squeeze in as many scenic things as possible. From Vegas, we drove straight through Utah followed by a pit stop in Lava Hot Springs, ID.

Lava Hot Springs is only 7 hours away from Las Vegas and so worth it. Located in Bannock County Idaho. A small quaint town filled with ice cream shops, old motels/resorts, trinket stores and you guessed it….a Lava Hot Spring.

Take a dip in the hot spring for a nice glow and “healing benefits”. Tickets can be purchased online or at the ticket booth. You may also take a stroll through the Sunken Gardens (this is free). On this path, you will see beautiful flowers, rock formations, and remains of algae reefs from when a river flowed through many years ago.

After our short stint at Lava Hot Springs, we headed off to our amazing Airbnb. I highly suggest getting away and unplugging at this Rexburg, Idaho barn. Perfectly transformed into a homey oasis.

Dressed in our comfy pajamas we ate vegan pizza and uncorked a bottle of wine gifted by our friend Madeline with such a sweet note attached. All the feels, let me tell yah!

This barn is everything!!!!!!!!!!!

Mornings on this farm will warm your soul. So grateful for this experience.

The farm, dog, water, ducks, sun, and the barn itself gave me all the OMG-s and WOW-s.

Breakfast pastries and coffee at June’s Place.

Here the very friendly local barista gave us a tip to take a detour to Mesa falls on our way to Yellowstone. Thank you, kind barista!

Mesa Falls is located in the Grand Targhee National Forest, this forest is 2.63 million acres and extends through Wyoming and Idaho. It also borders Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Forest.

We were delighted to drive through very lush green and scenic winding roads.

There is a visitor center which was once a hotel and dance hall. There are many rails, stairs, and platforms for easy viewing around the falls.

We were only at our halfway point to Baker Montana. Stay tuned for part two where Alex and I take Yellowstone. Thanks for reading friends. I hope you get to see these beautiful places. Please let me know what you think of them. XOXO

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